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Echo’s unique purpose is to empower investors to collateralise capital on a DeFi lending protocol by tokenizing and tethering traditional investment on the blockchain; enabling seamless integration of the crypto and fiat spaces for long term wealth building.

Our vision is to be the leading (TVL) DeFi application in the crypto space, have a sustainable business model through fees and be a top 10 cryptocurrency in 2 years from our first listing.

Click the various links on the website to go to our portal. You can purchase with a decentralised wallet (such as metamask). Currently we are accepting USDC but for later rounds we will accept a wider range of cryptocurrency.

Echo will allow you to purchase an actual tokenised stock without the need for liquid and allow you to borrow and lend it on a peer-contract protocol. Instead of peer-peer we will pool all of the borrowers and lenders and create variable interest rates based on the demand. If you have ever used aave before, that is peer-contract. This is the real value, the ability to hold in something other than stable coin but still effectively use it like stable coin. So, your stock investment can raise in value and at the same time you can borrow against it to further invest in other assets like crypto or traditional stocks. It's like the supercharging of traditional assets. Basically it will be more beneficial to have the tokenised stock than the ‘real thing’.

Echo will offer both spot and derivatives (options and futures on some assets), liquidity pools and fiat bridges like Binance. It will also offer advanced trading options. All of this is known as the Echo Exchange. Echo does have the advantage of a wider product offering (DeFi Protocol and Asset Management) than Binance and will remain chain agnostic to pull in the widest range of users.

Yes, in the sense that it is a peer-to-contract protocol on the chain. However we also intend to offer additional asset classes through our echoes as well as a wider range of chains.

Yes, we take AML seriously and as such have required KYC from the earliest investment rounds. This means that our entire centralised platform will be whitelisted.

We will be working with a number of cryptocurrency specialist marketing firms and re-investing a large portion of token sales back into marketing. For further information see investment expenditure.

We are working with 4ire for a large portion of the development work alongside our core team and managed by our CTO. This allows us to scale quickly and bring the product to market asap.

We intend to have partnerships in place in order to launch in early Q2 2022.

Echo will be sourcing top professionals from around the world to create the Echo Hedge Fund. This will be a pooled fund with fixed time locks. The fund will specialise in cryptocurrency with an aim to generate excellent returns for investors by investing in promising seed projects and trading on the markets.

Echo purchases ‘real’ versions of the tokenised exchange traded assets to ensure a 1:1 tethering of real asset to token. These are available for purchase and sale at market rate plus fee in the Echo Brokerage and are known as ‘echoes’. Echoes will be available for purchase in Echo Token, most stable coins and fiat. Echoes are not based on liquidity like mirror or Synthetix but actually really tethered. This allows us to also pass on dividends etc.


Echoes have distinct advantages over other tokenised exchange traded assets because they can be supercharged through smart contracts. Echo intends to take full advantage of this (as you mentioned) through offering the ability to use echoes on the Echo DeFi protocol; enabling stable, dividend producing assets to work alongside cryptocurrency to build long term and diverse portfolios for investors. Due to the stability of these assets the Loan To Value ratio offered will be very high; offering genuine alternatives to stablecoins, ETH and BTC.

March 31st 2022. All token marked for sale that remain unsold will be burned.

Innovation. Transparency, Commitment. Responsibility. Ethics. Trust. Teamwork. Customer.

In short, yes, like most cryptocurrency projects. We will have to negotiate securities laws surrounding echoes and their usage on the DeFi protocol. We have the assistance of Digital Isle of Man who will be helping us navigate the legislation.

1 Billion Echo Token. For further information on Echo Token see our ‘Echonomics’ section.

- Can purchase the echo passive mutual fund with echo

- 25% off fees when paid with echo token

- Burn 30% of all fees every quarter up to half the total supply (500m/1b)

- Favourable loan to value on the DeFi protocol

- Echo Token safety staking module

- Governance for new assets on the platform

- Private investment unlock if you have more than $100k in echo token.

Echo token is an erc-20 token on the ethereum blockchain. We have a philosophy of chain agnosticism however and fully intend to be available over a wide number of chains sooner rather than later.

Echo offers both real cryptocurrency and ‘echoes’ allowing for a mixed portfolio on the blockchain. Due to all of these assets being on-chain it allows you to take advantage of DeFi such as the Echo DeFi protocol which you would otherwise be unable to do. Echo allows your assets to be constantly working.

Yes. Someone has to be first so it might as well be us. We have a wide range of strategic partners and a strong core team which will help us achieve our vision.