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Echo Brokerage

Echo Brokerage

Exchange Traded Assets

Echo Brokerage will offer tokenised exchange-traded assets to its clients. We use the term exchange-traded asset to reference any asset which is currently listed on a major exchange (NYSE, LSE etc.). These include but may not be limited to; stocks (including dividend producing), REITs and commodities.

Echo purchases ‘real’ versions of the tokenised exchange traded assets to ensure a 1:1 tethering of real asset to token. These are available for purchase and sale at market rate plus fee in the Echo Brokerage and are known as ‘echoes’. Echoes will be available for purchase in Echo Token, most stable coins and fiat.

We fundamentally believe that echoes are the future and inevitable next step of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Physical-backed Cryptocurrency Mutual Funds

Echo cryptocurrency mutual funds have specific themes or strategies designed to make investing easy for people either new to the space or people who prefer a more diverse cryptocurrency portfolio. Echo cryptocurrency mutual funds will also be usable on the DeFi protocol allowing a ready-built diverse cryptocurrency portfolio for risk management. Echo cryptocurrency mutual funds will not be available on the public stock exchange.

Echo cryptocurrency mutual funds are also ‘physically’ backed with real cryptocurrency rather than futures contracts. This means that Echo holds the real equivalent of the cryptocurrency in the fund.

Echo Passive Mutual

Echo wants to bundle together a wide variety of exchange traded assets as well as Echo cryptocurrency mutual funds to create the one click investment, the vanguard fund or the long term savings of tomorrow. We believe that the Echo Passive Mutual will be among the safest possible long term returns for our investors.

In the same way as the other Echo Brokerage products, Echo then takes this super stable asset and allows it to be used on the Echo DeFi protocol. Echo will try to keep the fees low for the Echo Passive Mutual with a hand’s off approach (apart from some rebalancing) to avoid damaging the long term compounding returns of its investors.

We believe that the combination of this super stable asset alongside the Echo DeFi Protocol will create a win-win environment for investors.