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Asset Management

Asset Management

It is the desire of Echo to become an all-in-one platform, with the ability to purchase and sell in the Echo Marketplace, the ability to maximise the use of your assets on the Echo DeFi protocol and the ability to track, withdraw and reach your long term goals through Echo’s Asset Management. A large section of this part of the offering is related to high net worth or corporate investors. Much of the following is also based on obtaining relevant licenses.

Financial Services

Portfolio Tracking

Echo’s portfolio tracker analyses your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your assets, an asset breakdown, realized and unrealized gains and DeFi protocol reporting. The tracker will have prior trade history based on the wallets ‘attached’ to the account. We also intend to add end of year tax reporting to the tracker in the medium term. We may choose to partner with a service that already does portfolio tracking and integrates it into the platform.

Digital Banking

Echo in the medium term seeks to offer services associated with existing digital banks. We are particularly interested in allowing our clients to use current accounts as we believe there is currently a major bottleneck in cryptocurrency adoption due to fiat on and off ramps between exchanges and traditional banks. If our clients didn’t have to leave the ecosystem it would make for a much more fluid experience for the user. The services we seek to offer would be associated with this general issue of exchange-to-bank and try to incorporate the two systems holistically.

Visa Cards

Echo will offer both credit and debit cards. There will be two credit cards; Echo and Echo Private. Both will have generous reward payments (or cashback) in the form of Echo Token. Echo private will have increased spending limits available and is only available to those who have unlocked private investment through staking at least $100,000 of Echo Token on the Echo DeFi safety module.

We will also offer a debit card linked to fiat available on your Echo account. In the Echo UI, you will be able to ‘portion off’ the fiat which is available for use on the debit card. We will offer competitive rates of exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat which will be the same throughout the platform.

Private Investments

Private investments are unlocked when staking $100,000 worth of Echo Token on the DeFi staking safety module. Many of these offerings will be made available later in Echo’s timeline.

Echo Hedge Fund

Echo will be sourcing top professionals from around the world to create the Echo Hedge Fund. This will be a pooled fund with fixed time locks. The fund will specialise in cryptocurrency with an aim to generate excellent returns for investors by investing in promising seed projects and trading on the markets.

Private Offerings

Echo will take the ‘echoes’ further by tokenising private shares, collectables and other items with a verifiable value. Private offerings are unlikely to be usable on the DeFi protocol due to the lack of volume but these assets could still bring excellent returns and diversity to your portfolio without the difficulty of having to find them or store them yourself.

Echo Private Clients

Echo intends to provide advice and consulting on crypto-related strategies to private clients. Dedicated support will be available similar to what is found in wealth management. Echo private clients are by invite only or considered upon request.