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Sam Dorrer Portrait Edit

Sam Dorrer


Sam is an entrepreneur, strategist and proven innovator having led teams of contractors and consultants from paper to product on numerous projects and business enterprises. Sam has a visionary leadership style with a focus on innovation and data-driven analytics. His business models tend to have a preference towards contractors over in-house staff. As well as the CEO of Echo, Sam is the Managing Director of Flux Technology; a research and development company that creates useful, value-added and cost-effective technology for a multitude of spheres and sectors. Before establishing Flux Technology he was involved in the initial strategy and successful set-up of a crowd-funding social media company. Sam has a continued personal interest in philosophy.

Rob Clayton Portrait Edit

Robert Clayton


Robert has worked in the London Tech and FinTech sector across multidisciplinary teams with various technologies and languages. He believes in harnessing the power of technological innovation to bring revolutionary products into the hands of many. More recently he has been managing millions of transactions and investments a day.

"The future is still so much bigger than the past." ~ Tim Berners-Lee

Dustin Cornwell Portrait Edit

Dustin Cornwell


Dustin is an award-winning sales leader with 15+ years of experience in highly competitive and client-centric environments. He is a strategic business builder and problem solver bringing win/win solutions to every situation. Dustin is a natural team builder and adept at empowering teams to perform at their best.

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